Getting paid just got faster

Easy access to accrued wages, with convenient delivery options from immediate to 2 days. Pay employees WHEN and HOW they want.

getting paid just got faster
Timely earned wage access

  • Access earned wages in near real time
  • Funds credited instantly or ACH to an existing account of the employee, a rapid! PayCard account or cash pickup at retail locations
  • Allows early wages access up to your company policy
  • Per transaction fees ensure they are only charged for services used, the fee cap keeps the cost low
  • Provide your employees with a new benefit, financial flexibility and education

Timely earned wage access
How it Works

  • Corporate payroll office requirement is only a daily file interface
  • Interfaces with payroll and time/labor systems to track and value accrued labor, eliminating risk
  • Policies govern access amount and frequency
  • Employees access accured wages in near real time; via web application
  • Funds are deducted from the subsequent payroll deposits