Cardholder Benefits

Being a rapid! PayCard® cardholder provides you endless benefits including these and many more:

YES – Convenient access to pay, even on vacation
YES – Access to a savings account
YES – Savings of more than 50% versus check cashing fees
YES – Ability to make purchases and pay bills online
YES – Tools for making airline and hotel reservations
NO paycheck cashing fees
NO more wasted time picking up and cashing paychecks
NO lost checks
NO overdraft fees
NO need to carry large sums of money


With loads of FREE features the rapid! PayCard® is a smart payroll solution for employees.

FREE multilingual customer service 24x7x365
FREE transaction for each pay period
FREE access to monitor transactions online, instantly
FREE fraud loss protection
FREE Text Message Alerts*
FREE cash back at PIN thousands of point-of-service locations (1,000’s of locations)
FREE access to the rapid! rewards mall
Remember: The rapid! PayCard® works everywhere debit cards are accepted.

*Standard text messaging rates from your wireless service provider may apply.